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The Differences Between Mediocre and Standout Marketers #2461
May 22, 2023

In episode #2461, you’ll hear about some of the differences between mediocre and standout marketers (and how you can be the latter, not the former). The great Charlie Munger once said, “Invert, always invert.” That’s what we’ll be doing today as we highlight some of the key characteristics of mediocre marketers so that you can improve your strategy, not by trying to achieve excellence, but by avoiding mediocrity. Tune in to learn more!

[00:00] Today’s topic: The Differences Between Mediocre and Standout Marketers.

[00:31] Why this is a lesson in avoiding mediocrity, not achieving excellence.

[01:12] What mediocre marketers look like in the context of AI.

[01:59] Defining what it means to be an “ABC marketer.”

[02:19] The reactive nature of mediocre marketers.

[02:36] Why it’s important to read, study your competition, and analyze your data.

[03:25] Focusing on the short-term versus focusing on the long-term.

[04:57] The cons of relying on platforms rather than building your own audience.

[05:17] How you can benefit from embracing failure.

[05:49] Why standout marketers don’t believe that they know everything?

[06:35] The value of being proactive and iterating constantly.

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