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The Hidden Importance of Reputation Management #1642
February 07, 2021

The Hidden Importance of Reputation Management

In episode #1642, we talk about the hidden importance of reputation management. The meaning of reputation is basically what people think and say about you, and in today’s world of online marketing, we can think about reputation as referring to the information people see when they search you on the internet. Tune into this episode to learn about ‘quick’, ‘neutral’, and ‘long-term’ methods that you can use to correct your reputation, and the effectiveness of each strategy.


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: The Hidden Importance of Reputation Management.
  • [00:35] What is reputation management?
  • [00:49] Making sure people see positive things when they see you online. 
  • [01:48] How to correct your reputation if it has been damaged.
  • [02:10] You can’t please everybody.
  • [02:56] Hacking Google versus generating goodwill.
  • [03:14] ‘Neutral’ ways of reputation management.
  • [04:06] That’s it for today!
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