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The Newspaper Industry Saw $40B in Annual Revenue Evaporate, Creator Economy Predictions for 2024, There Is Going to Be a Rude Awakening for Influencers This Year
January 30, 2024

In episode #2666, we delve into the decline of the newspaper industry and the ascent of digital content. We analyze the staggering drop in newspaper advertising revenue over the years and explore the shift from physical newspapers to digital platforms. The conversation also covers the current state of the creator economy, the effectiveness of short-form content, and the future of podcasting on YouTube. We share our insights and predictions regarding the evolving landscape of content creation and consumption.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: The Newspaper Industry Saw $40B in Annual Revenue Evaporate, Creator Economy Predictions for 2024, There Is Going to Be a Rude Awakening for Influencers This Year.
  • (00:33) Neil asks about whether the revenue decline includes digital newspapers
  • (01:02) Eric mentions that the data is focused on physical newspapers
  • (01:39) Neil brings up New York Times’ stock performance as an example
  • (02:39) Eric mentions that New York Times and Washington Post have done well, but many others have struggled
  • (03:15) Eric emphasizes the importance of content quality regardless of the medium
  • (03:59) Neil discusses the popularity of short-form content on social media
  • (04:49) Eric shares Mark Manson’s prediction that platforms will de-emphasize short-form content
  • (05:47) Neil shares research findings on the average income of influencers
  • (06:37) Eric and Neil discuss the challenges of monetizing mass appeal content
  • (07:33) Neil talks about the effectiveness of using stats and data in content
  • (08:16) Eric asks Neil about his process for creating shorts
  • (08:51) Neil explains his process of repurposing ideas for shorts
  • (09:11) Eric summarizes the steps involved in his previous process for creating shorts
  • (09:06) Writing and recording scripts for videos
  • (09:32) Neil Patel’s process for recording videos with a teleprompter
  • (10:14) YouTube’s potential for promoting podcasts
  • (11:11) Increasing podcast subscriptions for chart climbing
  • (12:21) Predicting a decline in Mr. Beast’s video views
  • (13:19) Balancing spending on video production for quality
  • (14:46) That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

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