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The Sites That Dominate Affiliate Rankings #2615
November 23, 2023

In episode #2615, We discuss the websites that dominate when it comes to affiliate rankings. We highlight Reddit as the most popular product review domain on the English-speaking internet, ranking in the first ten results for 67% of search terms. We also mention the rise of other domains like Quora and the consistent performance of established sites like the New York Times and Forbes. The conversation touches on updating content for higher ROI and the potential monetization opportunities for Reddit through affiliate links.

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(00:00) Today’s topic: The Sites That Dominate Affiliate Rankings

(00:29) Explanation of what product review affiliates are

(01:16) Reddit’s dominance in product review rankings

(01:55) Quora’s significant jump in popularity

(02:49) Forbes’ focus on affiliate revenue and content updates

(03:26) Importance of updating existing content for higher ROI

(04:45) Neil Patel’s team’s monthly updates strategy

(05:10) Recommendations to analyze Conde Nast, New York Times, Wirecutter

(05:27) Hypothesis on Reddit’s ranking and monetization strategies

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