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The Terrifying Trend We Are Seeing In Digital Marketing #2030
March 10, 2022

In episode #2030, Neil and Eric reveal the terrifying trend they are seeing in digital marketing and what to do about it. We’re entering a period where digital monopolies no longer have the same amount of sway and power to determine market success. Instead, brand recognition is becoming the most important indicator for marketing success. Tune in to find out how this is changing the digital marketing landscape and why this trend could have an alarming impact on your business!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: The Terrifying Trend We Are Seeing In Digital Marketing.
  • [00:30] The trend we’ve noticed: people are becoming less reliant on platforms and more reliant on brands.
  • [01:10] How brands help you become less reliant on platforms.
  • [02:27] How to build a good brand.
  • [02:54] Why, if you don’t build a brand, you won’t win.
  • [03:25] The four forms of leverage: code, capital, labor, and media.
  • [04:22] Digital marketing is becoming increasingly challenging and why that’s a good thing.
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