Episode #1351
The Top 7 Marketing Tools You Should Pay For
April 13, 2020

In episode #1351, we talk about the top seven marketing tools that you should pay for! We cover everything from back end analytics and CDP software to the best platforms for editing videos and finding templates on the cheap. Tune in to hear how you can make attractive campaigns and know exactly how they are doing!


[00:25] Today’s topic: The Top Seven Marketing Tools that You Should Pay for.
[00:35] Paying the price for the use of Sprout’s great reporting to plan based on its data.
[01:03] Skipping expensive designer hires by using Canva templates.
[01:37] Using Slack’s integration capabilities to shares insights with your team.
[02:24] The effectiveness of videos; using frame.io for editing.[03:05] Webinar software capabilities enabled by Livestorm.[03:31] How Supermetrics acts as an API between ad platforms and Google Data Studio.
[04:02] The automated CDP that Hull enables.
[05:00] That’s it for today!
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Sprout Social



GA Insights





Google Analytics

Google Data Studio




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