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The Value of Hiring High-Quality Virtual Assistants with Tricia Sciortino
March 31, 2021

In this episode, we speak to Tricia Sciortino, CEO of BELAY, about the immense value that a high-quality virtual assistant can bring to your business. BELAY is a virtual staffing solutions company providing virtual bookkeeping, administrative assistance, social media strategy, and web support services for organizations. We kick off the discussion on the subject of the difficulty of finding good VAs and how BELAY has solved that pain-point by hiring VAs from within the US region exclusively. Tricia gets into the top-tier quality of service that her VAs provide and the price that clients can expect to pay for their unique skillsets. We talk about the range of exclusive services BELAY VAs offer in the region of virtual marketing and Tricia weighs in on exactly which types of clients will derive the most value from them. Tricia then shares a few tidbits about her book, Rise Up & Lead Well, and the argument for the value of VAs she makes in it. Wrapping up, we hear about the best business books and tools out there from Tricia’s perspective, and the main channels she is using to market her company currently. Tune in to hear about how just one top-tier VA can turn your business around today!


  • [00:29] Today’s topic: The Value of Hiring High-Quality Virtual Assistants with Tricia Sciortino.
  • [01:10] The importance of good VAs and how Tricia sources hers for BELAY.
  • [02:30] Metrics for the success of BELAY as far as how many VAs they have under contract.
  • [03:24] Different specializations BELAY VAs provide in the virtual marketing space.
  • [05:26] The level of service the BELAY Social Media Strategist VA can provide.
  • [06:49] The rate clients can expect to pay for a BELAY VA.
  • [07:54] More specialized services that BELAY VAs are trained to provide.
  • [09:47] The value that one BELAY VA can provide to entrepreneurs.
  • [11:36] Which type of clients at which level will get the most value from a BELAY VA.
  • [13:34] Tricia’s approach to building relationships with her VA.
  • [15:30] How much time Tricia requires from her VA each week.
  • [15:58] Whether it works to have a main VA that delegates to a team of VAs.
  • [17:30] The argument about the value of VAs to be found in Tricia’s book.
  • [19:05] Tricia’s utilization of podcast interviews as a branding exercise.
  • [20:05] Tricia and Eric’s thoughts on the value of showing up on Clubhouse.
  • [21:43] Favorite business books of Tricia’s.
  • [22:43] Why Tricia’s favorite business tool is Zoom.
  • [22:57] How to find Tricia online and read her blog post about effective VA use.
  • [23:37] That is it for today!
  • [23:38] Go to to learn more about our free community.

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