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These New OpenAI Developments Will Change Marketing Forever #2623
December 01, 2023

In episode #2623, We discuss recent developments from OpenAI that will revolutionize marketing. OpenAI now allows us to create our own GPT without coding, enabling our company to quickly generate data and insights. OpenAI has also made Chat GPT faster and cheaper, making it more accessible for us marketers. We can now upload entire books or social media posts to analyze and extract key takeaways. OpenAI’s features are particularly useful for our employee onboarding and creating marketing efficiencies. Additionally, OpenAI has introduced Copyright Shield to protect us from legal claims. The platform’s multimodal capabilities will soon allow us to analyze images, videos, and audio.

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(00:00) Today’s topic: These New OpenAI Developments Will Change Marketing Forever

(00:01) OpenAI allows users to create their own GPT without coding.

(01:55) Chat GPT four turbo is faster and cheaper.

(03:29) Users can upload an entire book for analysis.

(04:30) OpenAI introduces Copyright Shield to defend against legal claims.

(05:09) Multimodal capabilities will allow for image, video, and audio analysis

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OpenAI DevDay Recap

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