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This Will Crush Your Marketing if You Don’t Take It Seriously #2601
November 05, 2023

In episode #2601, We discuss the significance of fostering a culture of experimentation in marketing. We stress the importance of open-mindedness, a willingness to embrace failure, and a commitment to continuous iteration. Furthermore, we caution against becoming too attached to past successes, given the evolving nature of consumer behavior and preferences. As founders, we emphasize our pivotal role in driving change and experimentation within our respective organizations.

[00:00] Today’s topic: This Will Crush Your Marketing if You Don’t Take It Seriously

[00:22] Building a culture of experimentation is crucial for marketing success

[01:41] Continual testing and retesting is necessary for long-term success

[04:38] Founders have more influence in driving marketing experimentation

[05:30] Legacy issues can slow down implementation as a company grows

[06:44] Adapting marketing strategies in different countries can be challenging

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