Episode #1081
Top 5 Favorite Facebook Marketing Hacks for 2020 and Beyond
July 17, 2019

In episode #1081, we offer a free listen to Larry Kim’s presentation from the Marketing School Live event in Los Angeles. Tune in to hear Larry discuss his hacks for Facebook marketing for 2020 and beyond.


  • [00:55] Today’s Topic: Larry Kim’s Top 5 Favorite Facebook Marketing Hacks for 2020 and Beyond
  • [02:15] Larry is from Winnipeg and he’s obsessed with unicorns.
  • [02:47] Larry started WordStream in 2008 out of a bakery he frequented.
  • [03:00] Now the company employs over 300 people managing over $1 Billion in ad spend.
  • [03:20] He sold the business one year ago.
  • [04:22] Facebook is getting in trouble for questionable live streams and censorship.
  • [04:55] The future of Facebook is private groups and messaging.
  • [06:22] Live chats are a core growth marketing area on which to focus. 
  • [08:40] Anything you can do with email marketing,  you can do with messaging.
  • [11:35] Use a chatbot builder like MobileMonkey.
  • [12:45] Surveys are a great way to get user feedback and you can do them using chatbots, so they are more conversational.
  • [15:10] This helps improve conversions.
  • [17:25] In order to improve experiences, you would want to create content around questions people have.
  • [19:11] By making a person confirm that he is doing well in a conversation, you can use that to piggy-back upon and move onto the topic at hand.
  • [19:47] No matter what you’re selling, try to take people on a conversational journey.
  • [22:30] It’s never been easier to grow your email subscriber list.
  • [23:20] Don’t wait for people to message, you have to be more proactive in getting leads.
  • [23:40] A Comment Guard is a strategy for baiting users into messaging your company.
  • [25:05] Another way to engage your audience is to ask an enticing question and offer the actual answer and further information.
  • [28:12] Larry has changed the way he does Facebook ads, so that it sends people into his messenger funnels instead of a landing page.
  • [30:44] After someone becomes a Messenger contact, you can input their info into a Drip campaign and attempt to use upsells.
  • [31:15] You can also remarket people based on conversational criteria.
  • [33:14] There are more daily active users on messaging platforms than on social media, yet less than 1% of companies have the ability to market to those users.
  • [33:27] Engagements rates are 100x better than email marketing.
  • [34:45] That’s it for today!
  • [34:48] Please go to Marketing School for a free copy of Larry’s slides.

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