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Wall Street pushes out rate-cut expectations, sees risk they don’t start until March 2025, Attribution is somewhat unknowable, Meta advertisers claim sales are down and costs are up due to glitchy automated system, and more
May 06, 2024

In episode #2732, we discuss the Federal Reserve’s rate cuts, the challenges faced by advertisers on social media platforms, the use of virtual employees, the importance of building a brand, and the impact of Google updates on websites. 


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Wall Street rate-cut expectations, Meta ad woes, Burger King’s rival tactic, SEO tips, & More
  • (01:15) Wall Street rate-cut expectations
  • (03:49) Attribution is somewhat unknowable
  • (05:36) Meta advertisers claim sales are down and costs are up due to glitchy automated system
  • (06:58) Burger king leveraged Mcdonald’s for marketing using Rappi
  • (10:20) The explosion of $3.75/hr virtual employees
  • (11:33) Companies are now selecting individuals to be the face of their corporate brand
  • (16:44) How to beat every Google SEO update
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