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We Ran A Poll To Determine The Most Valuable Social Channel #2257
October 23, 2022

In episode #2257, we talk about the poll we ran to determine the most valuable social channel. Across the different platforms, the highest value was attached to YouTube, and it is not hard to see why. With that being said, each site has its merits and there is nothing to stop you from pursuing an omnichannel approach to maximize the reach of your content. Tune in to hear about some suggestions! 


  • [00:21] Today’s topic: We Ran A Poll To Determine The Most Valuable Social Channel.
  • [00:25] The context of the poll and its findings.
  • [01:00] Value of channels depends on the kind of business you are in.
  • [01:32] We recommend an omnichannel approach to get as much play as possible
  • [01:59] Looking at some comparative YouTube stats.
  • [03:01] Subscriber count is not everything, topics are also important.
  • [03:49] Creating great content that appeals to the masses.
  • [04:31] That is it for today!
  • [04:24] Go to https://www.marketingschool.io to learn more!

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