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What a TikTok Ban means for advertisers and marketers, Google gets a big boost after the March update, Bernie Sanders’ 4-day workweek, Advil pain equity ads
March 19, 2024

In episode #2701, we discuss the potential ban of TikTok and its impact on influencers and marketers. We delve into the estimated worth of TikTok and the likelihood of it being acquired by another company. Additionally, we touch on the recent Google update and how it has affected organic traffic. We share our thoughts on the proposed four-day work week by Bernie Sanders and the potential trade-offs it may entail. Finally, the episode concludes with a discussion on a controversial marketing campaign that uses race to promote a product.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: What a TikTok Ban means for advertisers and marketers, Google gets a big boost after the March update, Bernie Sanders’ 4-day workweek, Advil pain equity ads
  • (00:37) The value of TikTok is estimated to be around $16 billion, but it is believed to be worth closer to $100 billion.
  • (03:00) Eric Siu reveals that Google benefited from its recent update, particularly in the travel and hotel section.
  • (06:20) Bernie Sanders proposes a four-day work week, sparking debate about the potential impact on businesses.
  • (08:26) Neil Patel suggests implementing term limits and age limits for politicians to ensure they stay informed about current technology and trends.
  • (09:48) Neil Patel and Eric Siu discuss their limited knowledge about Facebook.
  • (10:01) Eric predicts that this election year will bring about significant changes.
  • (10:44) Eric shares a tweet about a controversial Advil commercial promoting pain equity.
  • (12:31) Neil and Eric condemn companies for exploiting woke ideology for profit.
  • (12:48) They discuss the unethical use of race and systemic racism for marketing purposes.
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