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What Does Speaking at Conferences Really Do for You? And Why Quora Is Back in a Big Way
January 31, 2024

In episode #2667, we discuss the benefits of speaking at conferences and the impact it can have on personal branding, social content, business opportunities, press coverage, and networking. We also delve into the importance of ranking on Google and how it contributes to success in terms of brand building, lead generation, and email list building. The conversation highlights the value of leveraging speaking engagements and SEO to grow a business and establish thought leadership in the industry.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: What Does Speaking at Conferences Really Do for You? And Why Quora Is Back in a Big Way
  • (01:04) Speaking at events helps with personal branding and building a deeper connection with the audience.
  • (01:50) Speaking at events can lead to business opportunities, such as getting leads and advisor shares in other companies.
  • (02:54) Speaking at events can generate press opportunities and media features.
  • (03:42) Speaking at conferences adds perspective and humility, and increases social proof.
  • (04:23) Maximizing events by doing podcasts, hosting dinners, and curating the audience.
  • (05:23) Hosting dinners can lead to business deals, equity opportunities, and valuable connections.
  • (07:13) Introducing oneself and offering and requesting assistance during the dinner.
  • (08:33) Examples of business opportunities resulting from dinner connections, including contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • (08:54) Eric Siu discusses the cost of dinners, ranging from two to three grand, and even up to ten grand.
  • (09:15) Eric Siu emphasizes the importance of curating the dinner guest list and having the right people in the audience.
  • (10:13) Neil Patel highlights the benefits of ranking on Google, including speaking engagements, brand building, and email list building.
  • (11:09) Eric Siu shares how ranking on Google helped save his company, Single Grain, and generate millions of dollars.
  • (12:40) Neil Patel suggests that Eric Siu should have taken over Single Grain for free and explains the financial issues with the business.
  • (13:28) Neil Patel estimates that he has made over $100 million in revenue from Google rankings, considering the various benefits it brings.
  • (15:10) Eric Siu discusses the recent funding and growth of Quora, highlighting its value as a source of commonly asked questions.
  • (16:23) Eric Siu and Neil Patel share their personal experiences with Quora and its impact on their businesses.
  • (17:40) That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

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