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What is the Inverse Entrepreneur Effect? #2529
August 08, 2023

In episode #2529, we take a look at a new concept known as the inverse entrepreneur effect. This concept of business implies that your regular hierarchical pyramid is flipped upside-down. With the creator or brand on the bottom, they build upward with positions and people they need as the business grows. Join us as we take a look at the trouble with this new creator economy and explore the idea of reversing the upside-down pyramid to prevent your business from becoming reliant on one person, negating the Key Man Risk. For more insights and practical takeaways, tune in now. 

[00:00] Today’s topic: What is the Inverse Entrepreneur Effect?

[00:05] A new concept where the pyramid is flipped upside-down.

[00:40] The trouble with the creator economy.

[01:50] A good example of making everything not reliant on the brand/creator.

[02:28] We talk about ‘The Lindy Effect.’

[03:00] Reversing your company to a right-side-up pyramid.

[04:00] How to prevent your business from becoming/being reliant on one person.

[04:40] A quick look at what Logan Paul is doing.

[05:11] ‘Key Man Risk’ and what it means in business.

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