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What Ranking #1 on Google REALLY means (the unseen benefits of SEO) (Marketing 101)
January 08, 2024

In episode #2653, we delve into a strategic approach to guide customers past other products and stimulate impulse purchases. Emphasizing the significance of upselling and elevating average order values, we uncover the key to boosting profits. Additionally, we shed light on the myriad benefits of securing the top spot on Google—ranging from enhanced branding, high ROI, and press coverage to speaking gigs and a competitive advantage. Throughout our discussion, we underscore the value of competitor analysis and the need to adapt marketing strategies accordingly.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: What Ranking #1 on Google REALLY means (the unseen benefits of SEO) (Marketing 101)
  • (00:07) Supermarkets strategically place products to increase sales
  • (02:10) Upselling and increasing average order value is key to marketing
  • (03:49) Amazon’s upselling strategy is effective
  • (04:14) Importance of planning in marketing breakthroughs
  • (04:42) Benefits of ranking number one on Google
  • (07:37) SEO’s compounding effect and black box nature
  • (08:48) Looking at competition when marketing isn’t working
  • (09:24) Importance of analyzing what competitors are doing
  • (09:34) Learning from what is working for competitors
  • (10:04) Importance of competitive analysis in marketing
  • (10:36) Most people don’t look at competitors’ strategies
  • (11:05) Back to basics: analyze competition to improve marketing
  • (11:52) Estimations and budgets for potential traffic and sales
  • (12:07) Base, aggressive, and super aggressive traffic growth scenarios
  • (12:50) Seek outside help to gain perspective on marketing
  • (13:08) Larger corporations already know competition is doing better
  • (13:26) Negotiating prices in agency proposals
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