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What Vivan Tu is Doing to Make $25 Million in 10 years
December 21, 2023

Vivian Tu, also known as “your rich BFF,” shares her insights on personal finance and wealth-building. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on increasing your earning power rather than just saving money. Vivian discusses her journey from working on Wall Street to becoming a successful salesperson in tech and media. She also shares tips on legally avoiding taxes, the value of investing in index-tracking ETFs, and the power of creators in today’s digital landscape. Vivian’s goal is to help people achieve financial independence and create a better future for themselves and their families.


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  • (00:00) Vivian Tu shares her goal of being rich and desired wealth.
  • (06:00) Focus on increasing earning power rather than saving.
  • (07:16) Importance of learning and being selfish in job choices.
  • (09:50) Vivian’s mom’s reaction to her leaving JPMorgan.
  • (11:53) Tax-saving strategies: retirement accounts, mortgage interest, tax credits.
  • (14:28) Why do rich people buy high-end fake bags?
  • (16:04) Women providing for themselves and investing.
  • (20:16) Being flexible in partnership roles.
  • (21:10) Vivian’s portfolio consists of index-tracking ETFs and target-date retirement funds.
  • (21:51) Slow and steady investing is recommended for most people.
  • (22:13) Chinese culture associates investing with luck and gambling.
  • (23:41) Vivian wrote a book to provide a comprehensive guide to personal finance.
  • (25:09) Vivian’s business made $3.2 million.
  • (27:20) Vivian feels more fulfilled making $300k from her business.


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