Episode #1475
What You Should Copy From Neil Patel in Business
August 16, 2020

In episode #1475, Eric shares the most important things you can learn from Neil in business. Neil is a fast-mover who is willing to try new things and respond quickly to prompts, but he also knows when to quit and move on. Tune in to hear about the benefits of tuning out all the noise and only listening to the most authoritative voices in your space! 


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: What You Should Copy From Neil Patel in Business. 
  • [00:51] Hear the story of how Eric and Neil met and became friends. 
  • [01:31] Neil’s fast execution and fearless pursuit of trying new things. 
  • [02:19] Do what Neil does and call people – don’t wait for a call to be set up. 
  • [02:33] You can waste a lot of valuable time when trying to schedule a meeting. 
  • [02:51] Don’t reinvent the wheel but take advantage of what others have built before you.
  • [03:33] Be willing to test and take risks on things that other people are not. 
  • [04:06] The advantage of ignoring the noise and sticking to your thing. 
  • [04:34] Neil knows when to cut people and things that are not working. 
  • [05:04] In recent years, Neil has become willing to pay good money for good talent. 
  • [05:14] Neils focuses on what he is world-class at and leaves the rest to others. 
  • [05:32] That’s it for today!
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