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What You Should Do If Your Paid Ads Aren’t Profitable #1729
May 09, 2021

What You Should Do If Your Paid Ads Aren’t Profitable

In episode #1729, we talk about the best ways to make your paid ads as effective as possible. Google and Facebook make buckets of money out of paid ads because they work. This means that if your paid ads aren’t working, it’s probably because of how you are running them. We give you actionable tips and tricks today for optimizing paid ads as far as content and conversion strategies.


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: What You Should Do If Your Paid Ads Aren’t Profitable.
  • [00:28] If your paid ads aren’t profitable, you need to adjust your approach.
  • [01:00] Add upsells and downsells in increase cart size and LTV.
  • [01:29] Constantly iterate on your creative in your campaigns
  • [02:19] Don’t expect to see results immediately.
  • [02:52] Increase conversions by helping people instead of focusing on selling.
  • [04:06] There are resources to consult for granular paid ad strategies.
  • [04:42] Your offer is what matters most.
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