Episode #1008
When is it the Right Time to go Omni-channel?
May 05, 2019

In episode #1008, we discuss when it’s the right time to go omni-channel. Tune in to hear when you should leverage an omni-channel approach.

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  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: When is it the Right Time to go Omni-channel?
  • [00:40] We’ve talked about the rule of 7 before.
  • [00:54] Attention spans are short.
  • [01:15] You need to be visible in different areas,
  • [01:25] Some people in Japan listen to MS on YouTube and that’s when we realized we had to focus more energy there.
  • [01:40] If you are just starting out, don’t take an omni-channel approach. Focus on one thing.
  • [02:40] You can no longer put all your eggs in one basket in order to grow.
  • [03:05] Every channel is saturated, so it’s better to leverage all of them.
  • [03:30] Apple started with the Mac, then branched out into other products, once they were successful.
  • [03:54] That’s it for today!
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