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Where Consumer Confidence Sits Right Now #2473
June 04, 2023

In episode #2473, we talk about where consumer confidence sits right now. The global economy has had to adapt to some pretty major events over the past three years, from a worldwide pandemic to the war in Ukraine. And many consumers are feeling the effects of these developments. We discuss the spending habits of different consumers, who we’ve seen adopting a defensive position, and how marketing companies are impacted during a down economy. For all this and more, press play now!

[00:00] Today’s topic: Where Consumer Confidence Sits Right Now.

[00:30] Observations on current Gen Z spending habits.

[01:20] The demographic that has noticeably slowed down their spending since 2022.

[01:52] An overview of how companies are doing in the current economy.

[04:01] Insight into why many companies are taking on a defensive position.

[04:49] Why people tend to cut marketing first during a down economy.

[05:18] What rail traffic data can teach us about the state of the economy?

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Rail Traffic Data – Association of American Railroads

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