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Where We Would Start From Scratch #2503
July 05, 2023

In this episode, Eric Siu and Neil Patel discuss their strategies for starting from scratch in content marketing. They share their preferred content formats, with Eric focusing on LinkedIn and Twitter for text-based content, while Neil emphasizes the power of videos and leveraging short-form content across various platforms. They also discuss the importance of building connections with the audience and utilizing AI and contractors to maximize efficiency. Tune in to learn how to kickstart your content marketing efforts.

[00:16] Introduction to the topic and a lighthearted discussion about a special pillow

[01:24] Neil and Eric share their preferred content formats for starting from scratch

[02:46] Neil explains why he favors videos and how they help build audience connections

[03:49] The prominence of short-form videos and the benefits of creating long-form content

[04:30] Eric’s choice of LinkedIn and Twitter for posting produced videos and engaging with the audience

[05:32] Wrapping up the episode and encouragement to rate, review, and subscribe

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