Episode #152
Which Google Analytics Metrics Should You Be Tracking?
December 30, 2016

In Episode #152, Eric and Neil tackle the Google Analytics metrics that you should be tracking for your business. Listen to discover the metrics worth monitoring on a weekly basis that will help you improve your conversion rates. Understanding your metrics will also help you find and address your problem areas to better optimize your website’s performance.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:28 – Today’s topic: Which Google Analytics Metrics Should You Be Tracking?
  • 00:35 – It’s important to track your conversion rates
    • 00:46 – This tells you how well your website is performing
  • 01:07 – Look at your traffic from the last 7 days and do week by week comparison
    • 01:19 – You should be getting more traffic from the previous week
    • 01:25 – “You will not always hit those goals but you’ll see which channels are moving down”
    • 01:30 – Figure out strategies you can use to address the metrics that went down
    • 02:03 – The week by week indicator should show you results of whether you’re doing better or worse
  • 02:06 – Look at the value of certain landing pages
    • 02:11 – Make sure you have setup value for your goal conversion setup
    • 02:33 – The key is to be able to know how much your page is worth
  • 02:56 – Check your Google Analytics > Audience > Behavior > Engagement
    • 03:05 – A chart regarding how long people are staying on your site will show up
    • 03:12 – Most users will be on the 0-10 second range
    • 03:19 – Improve usability and flow of your site to make visitors stay longer
  • 03:42 – Track your bounce rate and keep it as low as possible
  • 04:20 – “Looking at your rates is a good place to start”
  • 04:29 – Neil also looks at Behavior > Site Content > All Pages
    • 04:36 – This lists your most popular content
    • 04:45 – There are some pages that might just grow popularity and you have to monetize it
  • 05:27 – Check out what your top traffic sources are
  • 06:03 – Set aside time to assess your Google Analytics
  • 06:20 – Make sure your Google Search Console is connected to your Google Analytics
  • 06:49 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. The metrics you should track vary from business to business – it isn’t one-metric-fits-all.
  2. Looking deeper into your metrics will reveal relevant strategies you can use to improve your site.
  3. Take time to study and analyze your Google Analytics every week.

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