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Why Contractors Are Actually 4x More Loyal Than Full-Time Employees #2381
February 26, 2023

In episode #2381, we discuss why we think that contractors are actually four times more loyal than full-time employees. There are various pros and cons when it comes to hiring a contractor over a “full-timer” and vice versa. More often than not, it depends not only on your budget but what you’re looking for, and how the person you hire will ultimately fit the needs of your organization. Join us as we engage in the age-old contract position versus full-time employee debate and share our belief that hiring a contractor is often the best choice!

[00:20] Today’s topic: Why Contractors Are Actually 4x More Loyal Than Full-Time Employees.

[00:33] Pros and cons of contractors versus full-timers, from Eric’s perspective.

[01:11] Neil shares his experience of working with contractors in the US and internationally.

[01:55] An example of a super loyal contracted designer that both Neil and Eric work with.

[02:31] Unpacking the cost differences between hiring a contractor versus an employee.

[03:02] Talent retention and some of the reasons that employees leave.

[03:58] Why there’s nothing inherently wrong with “churn” or employee turnover.

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