Episode #1584
Why Eric is Doing a Book
December 09, 2020

In episode #1584, we talk about why Eric is publishing a book in today’s market! With his new book, Leveling Up, Eric is hoping to connect the worlds of marketing and gamers, offering lessons to readers on how gamification can aid business pursuits. From energizing your day and tasks, to what to look out for when considering publishing a book, tune in to hear about Eric’s strategy and whether it might suit you too!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: Why Eric is Doing a Book in Today’s Day and Age.
  • [00:42] Reasons that Eric still likes physical books in 2020!
  • [01:38] The world of gaming and gamers and how Eric plans to take advantage of this.
  • [02:51] Bringing excitement and energy into every day and your business.
  • [03:02] How this book plays into a larger marketing strategy.
  • [03:17] The main goals to keep in mind when writing a book.
  • [04:28] Supplementary ways that publishing a book can aid your business.
  • [04:55] Arbitrage in the book industry — connecting with gaming influencers. 
  • [06:07] That is it for today!
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Leveling Up

Naval Ravikant

Tim Ferriss


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