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Why International Expansion Is a Huge Business Growth Hack #2540
August 21, 2023

In episode #2540, we discuss the benefits of generating revenue from multiple countries through international marketing expansion. You’ll hear about the common pitfalls of focusing solely on your local region and the immense potential of expanding your business to a global scale. Tune in for our strategies for tapping into international markets, attracting diverse clients, and seizing opportunities abroad.

[00:00] Today’s topic: generating revenue from multiple countries.

[00:15] The various countries our clients are based in.

[00:34] Why it’s important to expand marketing efforts beyond one’s region.

[00:51] What makes international expansion more beneficial than local?

[02:05] Our simple playbook for international expansion.

[04:05] The importance of cultural fit and shared values in hiring key executives for international expansion.

[06:07] Using HREFLANG to rank content in different languages and countries.

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