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Why More CMOs Are Investing in Their Personal Brand #2338
January 13, 2023

In episode #2338, you’ll hear Neil and Eric’s thoughts on why more CMOs are investing in their personal brands. Listening in, you’ll find out how and why they’re doing so, and why it’s worthwhile for every member of a company to make the same investment. Listen in to hear more today! 


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: why more CMOs are investing in their personal brands.
  • [00:34] Why we can see the rise of CMOs building their brands.
  • [00:44] Why it makes sense that CMOs are making this choice?
  • [00:59] Why it is worthwhile for every member of a company to invest in a personal brand.
  • [01:53] The end goal: is to become a person of value rather than pursuing fame.
  • [01:57] How the Rule of 7 applies to build a personal brand.
  • [02:37] Being interested in others rather than trying to be an interesting person. 
  • [02:44] Sharing data to back up the claims you make about your brand.
  • [03:11] Why sharing numbers is so powerful?
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