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Why Product Market Fit is Important For Marketers #2207
September 03, 2022

In episode #2207, Neil and Eric talk about why product market fit is important for marketers. There is a common misconception that marketing can solve all your product issues. The truth is that marketing amplifies the product you already have, which is why product market fit is essential for getting the most out of your marketing strategy. Tune in as we break down this crucial relationship and how it impacts your ROI!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Why Product Market Fit is Important For Marketers.
  • [00:25] A brief overview of product market fit.
  • [00:50] How product market fit impacts your ROI.
  • [01:18] Why having an excellent product is so important for marketers.
  • [01:47] Why marketing won’t solve your product issues.
  • [02:44] The importance of a good NPS score.
  • [02:57] Why SaaS companies should keep an eye on their retention rates.
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