Episode #1486
Why SEO is Still Our #1 Marketing Strategy in 2020

August 27, 2020

In episode #1486, we discuss why SEO is still our best marketing strategy in 2020. SEO is still one of the cheapest and most effective and consistent ways of gaining traffic, even though it is a long-term strategy. Tune in to hear all the benefits of building up a strong domain authority! 
[00:25] Today’s topic: Why SEO Is Still Our Number One Marketing Strategy in 2020. 
[00:51] SEO requires time and human capital to get good results. 
[01:02] However, it is still one of the cheapest, most consistent ways of getting traffic. 
[01:31] SEO is a long-term, cost-efficient game and a gift that keeps on giving.
[02:13] Once you have SEO as a bedrock, you can begin building out the other channels. 
[02:25] If you continue to provide value, you will get a ton of traffic. 
[03:03] No other traffic source produces such consistent quality traffic that drives conversions. 
[03:14] The smartest entrepreneurs understand business and SEO.
[03:41] When you’ve built up domain authority, you have a unique arbitrage opportunity.  
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