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Why the Riches are NOT in the Niches (Beginner Mistake) #2212
September 08, 2022

In episode #2212, Neil and Eric talk about why the riches are not in the niches. A lot of marketers like to advise that you should find your niche and focus on that. The only problem is that this strategy puts a cap on your potential to grow. Tune in to learn how to avoid this rookie error, and find out what you should be focusing on instead!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Why the Riches are NOT in the Niches (Beginner Mistake).
  • [00:25] Why focusing on a niche is limiting and what you should prioritize instead.
  • [00:43] Why total addressable market (TAM) is such an important indicator.
  • [01:34] A reminder of what type of businesses this advice applies to.
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