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Why You Have To Take Back Control of Your Content #2521
July 27, 2023

In episode #2521, we discuss the importance of taking back control of your content. We delve into the drawbacks of relying solely on third-party platforms and emphasize the benefits of owning and managing your own content channels. Discover why building your own platform, such as a website or blog, provides greater control, flexibility, and long-term sustainability. Gain valuable insights on content ownership and learn strategies to establish a strong digital presence while maintaining control over your valuable content assets. Tune in to this empowering episode and reclaim control of your content today.

[00:00] Today’s topic: Why You Have To Take Back Control of Your Content.

[00:50] Spending more time creating more content.

[01:26] Issues with not creating your own content.

[02:10] An example of good, simple content with great ROI.

[02:58] Hear the benefits of creating your own content.

[03:33] Why it is essential to have fun when making content.

[05:10] The popularity of content creation as a marketing tool.

[06:04] Simple steps to take back control of your content.

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