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Why You Shouldn’t Optimize for 1 Million Subscribers
October 30, 2023

In episode #2595, we talk about why optimizing for a million subscribers is not as critical as it once was. We draw from our experiences with running ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and shed light on how subscriber numbers can sometimes be deceiving. We underscore the significance of concentrating on qualified subscribers who have a higher likelihood of becoming customers. Our conversation delves into the shifting algorithms and the increasing importance of views and engagement over the sheer quantity of subscribers. In our view, the key lies in optimizing for views and creating content that resonates, rather than fixating on amassing a high number of subscribers.


  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Why You Shouldn’t Optimize for 1 Million Subscribers
  • (00:38) Subscribers don’t matter, focus on qualified subscribers.
  • (01:25) Having a lot of subscribers doesn’t guarantee views.
  • (02:07) Old-school techniques work better than generating subscribers.
  • (03:19) Subscribers are vanity metrics, focusing on customers instead.
  • (03:39) The number of views and engagement matters more than subscribers.
  • (04:51) Social media content builds brand reputation, not direct customers.
  • (05:41) Optimize for views and engagement, not subscriber numbers.
  • (06:12) Optimizing for the wrong thing wastes time and effort.
  • (06:57) Attention comes from views, not subscribers.
  • (07:01) Go to https://www.marketingschool.io to learn more!

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