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Year in Review: Marketing Breakthroughs and Lessons (Experiments)
January 09, 2024

In episode #2654, we delve into our marketing breakthroughs and lessons learned from the past year. We emphasize the crucial role of programmatic SEO and the power of leveraging AI tools. However, we also caution against overhyping AI and stress the importance of quality control. Our discussion extends to the impact of posting high-quality content on social media platforms and the value of engaging with comments. Additionally, we underscore the significance of maintaining a founder mentality and staying actively involved in the marketing process. In summary, we provide valuable insights and strategies for marketers to consider in the coming year.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Year in Review: Marketing Breakthroughs and Lessons (Experiments)
  • (00:27) AI and programmatic SEO as a breakthrough for lead flow
  • (02:05) Overhyping of AI and the need for quality control
  • (03:00) Posting quality content on social media platforms
  • (04:37) Using X platform for multiple daily posts and converting to other platforms
  • (05:37) Leveraging comments for increased reach on YouTube
  • (07:33) Adjusting content strategy based on social platform algorithms
  • (08:44) Focusing on quality content and compounding growth
  • (09:10) Combining long-form podcast interviews with reels and shorts
  • (09:56) Exploring potential partnership for guaranteed views on marketing school
  • (10:12) Neil and Eric discuss the power of partnering with others.
  • (11:54) Neil and Eric talk about the importance of having a founder mentality.
  • (13:08) Neil and Eric discuss the need for founders to be involved in their businesses.
  • (14:56) Neil and Eric talk about the mistake of abdicating responsibilities.
  • (16:18) Neil and Eric discuss the importance of being fully engaged in the business.
  • (16:48) That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

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