Episode #277
How to Create an SEO-Friendly Homepage
May 04, 2017

In Episode #277, Eric and Neil highlight how to create an SEO-friendly homepage for your website. Tune in to learn how your homepage can bring a cornucopia of traffic to your entire website and why you have to spend more time thinking strategically about conversions.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Create an SEO-Friendly Homepage
  • 00:39 – “Your homepage is going to be the most-trafficked on your site”
    • 00:47 – Your homepage has to be good for Google and for users
  • 01:00 – Keep in mind the overall theme of your site
  • 01:20 – Make sure your website loads fast, link your major pages to your homepage, include an attractive title tag
    • 01:29 – Mention your brand under the title tag because it helps with search engine rankings
  • 01:40 – The concept of internal linking
    • 01:42 – The SEO-friendly homepages where you will use internal linking
    • 01:49 – The clicks that you have on the homepage will be passed on to your other important pages
  • 02:07- If you’re ranking for your homepage keywords, work on those keywords in creating new sentences
  • 02:27 – If you link relevant links from your homepage, you can increase your traffic
  • 02:41 – In Episode 252 (How to Maximize Your SERP Real Estate), this was also discussed
  • 02:47 – Eric is trying to rank “digital marketing agency” for his homepage
    • 02:53 – Their rank is now between 4 and 7
    • 03:00 – Eric’s percentage traffic from Google is 30% of their overall search traffic
    • 03:38 – Eric shares how he tweaks overall search traffic
  • 04:02 – “Your homepage won’t bring the majority of your traffic”
  • 04:06 – Neil focuses on conversions more than anything else
  • 04:18 – For Eric, their homepage is the highest converting page because they’re a marketing agency
  • 04:40 – Eric and Neil both drive traffic to their homepage and they try to generate leads from the homepage
  • 05:00 – Feel free to duplicate what Eric and Neil are doing
  • 05:10 – This week’s giveaway is a 1 year subscription to Alexa – an SEO tool that is now owned by Amazon
    • 05:23 – Subscribe, rate and review Marketing School
    • 05:28 – Text MARKETINGSCHOOL to 33444
  • 04:53 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Your homepage should be good for Google and your website visitors.
  2. Track the keywords that make you rank and use them to add more relevant sentences to your homepage.
  3. You can generate leads directly from your homepage.

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