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Andrew Wilkinson Makes $12K/Mo on Twitter Subs? #2527
August 05, 2023

In episode #2527, we discuss the success story of Andrew Wilkinson and his impressive earnings of $12,000 per month through Twitter subscriptions. In our conversation, we explore Andrew's unique appro...

Paid Social Is a Terrible Investment for B2B #2526
August 04, 2023

In episode #2526, we discuss the pitfalls of using paid social advertising as an investment for B2B businesses. Join us as we explore the reasons why paid social might not be the most effective strate...

Why MrBeast Learned That Ads Are NOT The Way To Monetize For The Long Term #2525
August 03, 2023

In episode #2525, we discuss the lessons learned by MrBeast on why ads are not the ideal long-term monetization strategy. Join us as we analyze the journey of MrBeast, a prominent YouTube personality ...

Apple Declares War on Newsletters #2524
August 02, 2023

In episode #2524, we discuss Apple's declaration of war on newsletters. Join us as we explore the recent developments and changes implemented by Apple that impact newsletter creators and subscribers. ...

X Offers Up to 50% in Discounts #2547
August 01, 2023

Neil and Eric talk about the incredible discounts and deals that X is offering, with discounts of up to 50% TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES:...

What the Hollywood Actor Strike Can Teach You About Marketing #2546
July 31, 2023

Eric and Neil delve into the repercussions of the Hollywood Actor Strike and discover invaluable marketing lessons that can be applied across various industries. TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES:...

Elon destroyed the concept of hiring brand agencies for millions of dollars
July 30, 2023

In this episode, Neil and Eric talk about how Elon Musk has revolutionized the concept of hiring brand agencies for millions of dollars. T TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES:...

Twitter Rebrands to X and destroys a reported $4-20B in brand value
July 29, 2023

In this episode, Neil and Eric talk about Twitter's bold rebranding as "X," a move that resulted in a reported $4-20B loss in brand value. They delve into the reasons behind this decision and the pote...

The Wealthiest People in the World Do This One Thing Only #2522
July 28, 2023

In episode #2522, we reveal the one thing that the wealthiest people in the world do exclusively. Join us as we explore the common practice among the ultra-rich and discuss its impact on their success...

Why You Have To Take Back Control of Your Content #2521
July 27, 2023

In episode #2521, we discuss the importance of taking back control of your content. We delve into the drawbacks of relying solely on third-party platforms and emphasize the benefits of owning and mana...

Logan Paul Generated $250 Million Dollars in 12 Months Through This Marketing Channel #2520
July 26, 2023

In episode #2520, we delve into the incredible success story of Logan Paul and how he managed to generate a staggering $250 million within just 12 months. We shed light on the marketing channel that p...

Content That Actually Converts Into Enterprise Customers #2519
July 25, 2023

In episode #2519, we talk about what type of content actually works at converting enterprise customers. There is immense power behind effective marketing techniques and, in our conversation, we break ...