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Is Education A Good Revenue Stream? #2448
May 08, 2023

In this episode, Neil and Eric talk about if education is a good revenue stream. Tune in and don’t miss today’s episode....

Private Mastermind Lessons Eric Picked Up in Turkey #2447
May 07, 2023

In this episode, Neil and Eric talked about the valuable lessons Eric picked up during the private mastermind in Turkey....

What Eric Learned From His Failed Airbnb Interview #2446
May 06, 2023

In this episode, Neil Patel and Eric Siu talk about how Eric’s failed Airbnb interview gave him great lessons in life and business. ...

The Older Your Company The Better Your Marketing #2445
May 05, 2023

In episode #2445, Neil and Eric talk about why the older your company is, the better your marketing is. When you’re around for a long time, you gain the opportunity to grow your brand and prove your...

Insider Starts to Experiment with AI #2444
May 04, 2023

In episode #2444, Neil and Eric talk about how Insider is starting to experiment with AI. As AI continues to develop, so too do our methods for using it. Tuning in you’ll learn about Insider’s new...

The Pros and Cons of Polarizing Marketing #2443
May 02, 2023

In episode #2443, Neil and Eric discuss the pros and cons of polarizing marketing. When you use polarizing marketing, you run the risk of alienating your audience. But you also create an opportunity t...

Should You Take Every Press Appearance? #2442
May 02, 2023

In episode #2442, we discuss whether or not it’s a good idea to take every press appearance presented to you. We look at forms of press appearances and explain why we feel it’s often better to say...

Reaction to LinkedIn’s Latest Features #2441
May 01, 2023

In episode #2441, we share our thoughts on LinkedIn’s new features. There are multiple, from recruiting to analytics and collaborations, and we urge you to check them out. Tune in as we explain how ...

How AutoGPTs Will Change Business & Marketing #2440
April 30, 2023

In episode #2440, we discuss the ways in which AutoGPTs are going to change business and marketing forever. AutoGPTs differ from ChatGPT in that they don’t require human assistance to function optim...

Project Magi: Google’s Making Big Changes to Search #2439
April 29, 2023

In episode #2439, we’re talking about Project Magi. Google is ushering in changes to its search engine to remain competitive as companies like Samsung threaten their reign. The increasing rate of in...

What You Can Learn From The Best Newsletter Businesses #2438
April 28, 2023

In episode #2438, we reflect on the marketing-related lessons we’ve learned from the best newsletter businesses out there. If you’re unsure of what newsletter businesses are and how they operate, ...

How to Build an Organization of Top-Performing Marketers #2437
April 27, 2023

In episode #2437, we’re tackling the topic of building a team of top-performing marketers. We discuss what it means to be a top marketing performer and the qualities these people share, as well as t...