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Reaction: Google’s Global and Local Year In Search & Pinterest Predicts #2334
January 09, 2023

In episode #2334, we talk about our reaction to Google's global and local Year in Search and Pinterest Predicts. Find out how these platforms work, how accurate they are in predicting upcoming trends,...

Why We Repeat The Same Things #2333
January 08, 2023

In episode #2333, we talk about why we repeat the same things on this podcast from time to time. We discuss focus as a reason for this, how repetition can be beneficial in inspiring you to take action...

The Biggest Problem With AI Content #2232
January 07, 2023

In episode #2332, we talk about how the biggest problem with AI content is that it is often duplicated or plagiarized. We explain how Neil’s team experimented with a variety of different AI content ...

How to Level Up Your Content In 2023 #2331
January 06, 2023

In episode #2331, we explain how to level up your content. We ran a survey on how marketers will spend their money in 2023 and over 8000 responded. Hear about AI tools to improve your content, how mar...

Is YouTube Organic Good For Customer Acquisition #2330
January 05, 2023

In episode #2330, we look at whether or not YouTube organic is good for customer acquisition. We break down what we have found to be the top channels for acquisition and talk about the value it offers...

How We Plan to Grow Our Podcast to 10 Million Listens a Month #2329
January 04, 2023

In episode #2329, we share how we plan to grow our podcast to 10 million listens a month! If you would like a sneak peek into our strategy for the podcast moving forward, you have come to the right pl...

How We Grew Our Podcast to Over 50 Million Listens #2328
January 03, 2023

In episode #2328, we talk about how we grew our podcast to over 50 million listens! From partnerships and interviews to simple strategies around consistency and subscribing, these tips are bound to bo...

Why Overlearning Is Stunting Your Growth #2327
January 02, 2023

In episode #2327, we talk about why overlearning is stunting your growth. Learning plays a huge part in the journey of any marketer or entrepreneur, but if you never implement the lessons you learn in...

How ChatGPT Will Fundamentally Change Business #2326
January 01, 2023

In episode #2326, we talk about how ChatGPT will change business forever. With the search landscape on the edge of revolution, OpenAI has a big voice in the conversation, and in some ways has even lea...

Why Neil & Eric Are Thinking About Getting Office Space Again #2325
December 31, 2022

In episode #2325, we talk about why we are thinking about getting back into the office. After the upheaval of the last few years, the time is about right to start making the most of in-person work aga...

4 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing #2324
December 30, 2022

In episode #2324, Neil and Eric provide listeners with some simple but powerful steps to improve your content marketing. Marketing is impossible without great content, and ensuring quality is critical...

3 Marketing Strategies that will Disappear in 2023 #2323
December 29, 2022

In episode #2323, Neil and Eric discuss three marketing strategies that will no longer exist in 2023. Marketing is an incredibly dynamic space that is forever evolving. This means businesses must ensu...