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How one influencer tanked a stock by 80%, How are marketers staying ahead in a world of unknown, The fall of a $5.7B company, SEMrush SEO crushing it?
March 20, 2024

In episode #2702, we discuss the power of influencer marketing and its impact on stocks. We delve into two recent examples: Oprah Winfrey's departure from the WeightWatchers board and her public admis...

What a TikTok Ban means for advertisers and marketers, Google gets a big boost after the March update, Bernie Sanders’ 4-day workweek, Advil pain equity ads
March 19, 2024

In episode #2701, we discuss the potential ban of TikTok and its impact on influencers and marketers. We delve into the estimated worth of TikTok and the likelihood of it being acquired by another com...

Tiktok releases new SEO feature, US House Bans TikTok, The ideal posting frequency for each social network (you’re not going to like the Facebook data), What it’s like to be on a big podcast
March 18, 2024

In episode #2700, we discuss the new SEO feature released by TikTok and its potential impact on social media content creation. We delve into the process of creating social media content and share our ...

Is killing the customer service industry?, My dentist uses AI and I lost $600, The marketing of glass water, and more
March 15, 2024

In episode #2699, we delve into the growing influence of AI. We kick off by exploring RetellAI, a startup utilizing conversational voice AI to streamline customer support and appointment scheduling. N...

The mastermind that does $35M a year with 5 employees, What correlates with positive or negative search rankings?, Political agendas now affect a company’s marketing plan, and more
March 14, 2024

In episode #2698, we explore the concept of masterminds and their potential for success. We begin by examining insights into Sam Ovens, whose highly successful mastermind generated $35 million annuall...

How He Built A Billion Dollar Network From Scratch
March 13, 2024

Eric Siu interviews Greg Isenberg, the CEO of Sora, delving into the nuances of community building. Greg, a master in this domain, shares insights on fostering online communities for substantial growt...

Signs we’re actually in a recession, Effects of ChatGPT on Upwork jobs, The perfect webinar, and more
March 13, 2024

In episode #2697, we discuss the current state of the economy, the impact of AI on content creation, and the strategies used to generate leads through webinars. We explore the concept of recession and...

The agency that makes $100m+ a year in profit, The best industry to be an entrepreneur in, The problem with podcasting today, Why Casper, Allbirds and Peloton Are All Struggling, and Liquid death checkmate
March 12, 2024

In episode #2696, we delve into the success story of an agency generating over $100 million in profit. The discussion emphasizes the significance of concentrating on enduring, seemingly "boring" indus...

How to strategize as a marketing team of one for a small business, ChatGPT prompts to Improve Conversions, How to get AI to actually write like you for free, Zuck doesn’t believe in delegation, and The Indian Billionaire Way
March 11, 2024

In episode #2695, we delve into the intricacies of strategizing for a one-person marketing team within a small business. Our emphasis lies in initiating the process by investigating where the competit...

How to Run Your Company Like Amazon and Why Google and Microsoft Are Laying Off People
March 08, 2024

In episode #2694, we discuss the strategies and practices that have made Amazon a powerhouse in the business world. From their unique approach to meetings—using narratives instead of PowerPoint pres...

How to enrich your email list, Eric’s thumbnail coaching call, Boost YT CPM by 50%
March 07, 2024

In episode #2693, we delve deep into the intricacies of email list enrichment, YouTube strategies, and the nuances of managing and closing enterprise deals. This conversation is packed with valuable i...

$200M Founder Reveals His Controversial Marriage Strategy
March 06, 2024

Patrick Campbell shares his entrepreneur's perspective on relationships and the parallels between business management and marital success. This episode packs in revelations about the value of alignmen...