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Alex Hormozi Was About to Lose Everything Until He Discovered This
August 17, 2023

Alex Hormozi sits down with Eric Siu to talk about his remarkable journey in the business world, sharing insights and wisdom gained through his experiences. Alex Hormozi provides valuable advice on bu...

Mastering Longevity and Abundance with Peter Diamandis
August 16, 2023

Eric Siu chats with entrepreneur, author, and visionary known for his pioneering work in space exploration and technology, Peter Diamandis! As the founder of the XPRIZE Foundation and Singularity Univ...

LU Founders Q&A: How We’re Expanding Our Content Using AI
August 15, 2023

Join Neil Patel and Eric Siu in an engaging live session at the Leveling Up Founders Event. Acquire valuable insights on harnessing AI across diverse business aspects, encompassing global expansion, t...

Discovery Platforms vs Relationship Platforms #2534
August 14, 2023

In episode #2534, we make the distinction between discovery platforms and relationship platforms, how you can leverage both to your advantage, and more! We discuss why you want to use your discovery p...

MrBeast Gets Sued for $100M, Dave Portnoy Buys Barstool Back for $1, How Forbes does SEO, Barbie’s Marketing Results & More
August 13, 2023

Neil and Eric dissect the latest news and trends in marketing, business, and entertainment. Neil Patel also shares his insights on Eric Siu's recent Leveling Up Founders Mastermind.  TIME-STAMPED SHO...

FB Conversion Pixel Going Away #2533
August 12, 2023

In episode #2533, we’re discussing the departure of the Facebook conversion pixel. Tune in as we share some tips for what we can do about this, explain the importance of having (and harnessing) your...

Disney Pulls Back on Marvel and Star Wars Content #2532
August 11, 2023

In episode #2532, we talk about why Disney has decided to stop producing so much Marvel and Star Wars content. We discuss what these franchises are used for at Disney before delving into why having to...

There Are LESS Active Podcasts in July 2023 Than In 2018: What It Means For You #2531
August 10, 2023

In episode #2531, we delve into the fact that there are LESS active podcasts in July 2023 than in 2018 (and what it means for you!) In 2018, there were 55000 active podcasts and today there are 493000...

Big VC Firm Shows Where Economy Is At (and How This Will Affect Your Growth Big Time) #2530
August 09, 2023

In episode #2530, Eric and Neil discuss how a big VC firm shows where the economy is at (and how this will affect your growth big time!). The end of free money is over and we’ve entered a period of ...

What is the Inverse Entrepreneur Effect? #2529
August 08, 2023

In episode #2529, we take a look at a new concept known as the inverse entrepreneur effect. This concept of business implies that your regular hierarchical pyramid is flipped upside-down. With the cre...

Why Elon’s Funding of Legal Bills is a Smart Marketing Move #2555
August 07, 2023

Discover why Elon's funding of legal bills is a brilliant marketing move! Join Neil and Eric as they analyze the strategic implications and public perception in this insightful video. TIME-STAMPED SHO...

Why Webinars Are Still a Moneymaker in 2023 #2528
August 06, 2023

In episode #2528, we talk about why webinars are still a moneymaker in 2023. We explore what webinars look like and why webinars have to be very specific before chatting about frequency, conversion ra...