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Your email marketing won’t work anymore unless you follow these 3 new rules from Google and Yahoo, What Google’s new algorithm update tells us about the future of AI content, Stupid Pepsi ad, Why startup building is different with AI
April 05, 2024

In episode #2714, we delve into Google and Yahoo's latest email marketing guidelines, addressing the adaptation challenges and underscoring the vital role of email marketing. We explore strategies for...

The difference between an ad agency that does $1M, $10M, $100M, and $1B+ in annual revenue, The difference in how a $1M, $10M, and $100M company thinks about marketing, and Why MrBeast is getting even more views today
April 04, 2024

In episode #2713, we discussed the evolution of ad agencies from their initial stages handling local mom and pop clients to securing large enterprise accounts, highlighting referrals, acquisitions, an...

Yellow fever (Why Whole Foods had to sell), $700m crypto deal, Founders, want to pick our brain? No need, here are the issues and answers that are covered on 80% of my calls
April 03, 2024

In episode #2712, we cover topics such as the Whole Foods and Yellow Fever controversy, dumb business deals like the Arena, the importance of smart business decisions and trade-offs, the im...

Andrew Huberman hitpiece has reverse effect, Ad Creative is a 12x ROI multiplier?, and Flexport’s CEO NYTimes OpEd
April 02, 2024

In episode #2711, we dive into the power of ad creatives on advertising ROI, sharing insights on how creativity is a rare gem that can set a brand apart. We discuss the strategic importance of playing...

2500 LinkedIn leads on, When should you sell?, The end of Google?
April 01, 2024

In episode #2710, we delve into LinkedIn lead generation strategies such as crafting compelling content, consulting with LinkedIn experts, fostering relationships, and showcasing successes. We also di...

Biggest winners and losers of Google AI Spam Update, 95% of agency work will be taken by AI, Do AI-generated images generate more or less engagement?
March 29, 2024

In episode #2709, we discuss the impact of recent Google AI updates on websites, highlighting winners like TechTarget and TechRadar and losers relying solely on AI-generated content. We also share a s...

Netflix posts to YouTube to steal back the traffic, Building startups via Telegram, and more
March 28, 2024

In episode #2708, We discuss various marketing strategies and trends, including Netflix's approach of posting clips on YouTube, the impact of social media on distribution, the decline of movi...

How Pat Flynn Built Deep Pocket Monster to 850k Subs In A Blink Of An Eye
March 27, 2024

Pat Flynn and Eric Siu share key insights for entrepreneurial success, emphasizing storytelling, overcoming comparison, and building community. They highlight the evolution of income reports and the i...

Gartner predicts search traffic will drop 26%, 40% of Americans use TikTok for search, Newsletter businesses are bad, The marketing of Bitcoin, and more
March 27, 2024

In episode #2707, we discuss Gartner's prediction of a 26% drop in search traffic, the increasing popularity of alternative platforms and social networks, and the significant inflows of assets into Bi...

How much are CEOs actually worth?, How this CEO pays $300k a year for LinkedIn services, The end of inbound SDRs?, and more
March 26, 2024

In episode #2706, we discuss the value of CEOs, the cost of LinkedIn services, the role of AI in sales development, the importance of taste in content creation, creating impactful stories, and express...

Zapier’s traffic jump secret from 1.2 to 6.3M monthly visits, $800M studio expansion halted because of AI, Klarna AI assistant handles two-thirds of customer service chats in its first month, and more
March 25, 2024

In episode #2705, we discuss Zapier's recent surge in traffic, a popular automation tool, and analyze the strategies behind its success, including internationalization and programmatic SEO for driving...

Being the CEO is the worst job ever
March 22, 2024

In episode #2704, we explore Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and delve into the motivations driving it. The conversation also scrutinizes Tesla's position as an AI-focused company, examining the tr...